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DOMED - Physiotherapy, rehabilitation, massage, Warsaw, Poland

Comfort, safety, efficiency and above all, the words of fundamental importance in today's busy world. In the era of the pursuit of money, we forget about our own needs and the needs of your body. Yet health is our capital for the period, an investment of great significance and gain invaluable. But how it provide? As everywhere limits the queue?

In response to all the problems and needs, the company DOMED would like to propose you a comprehensive physiotherapy at home, without having to leave home without many months of expectations. We are available 6 days a week except Sundays. We were established for patients and for patients, creating a range of services tailored to the 21st century, capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers. We are sure that everyone will find on our site that is what they are looking for.


It is one of the key methods of treatment, as an alternative to chronic medication by natural effects on the human body. Main sections of this method are: - physiotherapy (treatment of movement), physical therapy (treatment of shock, light, magnetic field), massage (magic touch, mechanical influence on the skin and muscles using the therapist's hands). The priorities of physiotherapy is to restore the best digestibility, comfort and well-being of the patient. Nowadays, in the era of civilization diseases spread amateur sports, a lot of people are getting injuries and feels unpleasant pain. And for them it is a key component of the treatment.


It is a component of physiotherapy and one of the oldest healing methods. Its impact on the human body is indescribable importance to our development and well-being.

Invaluable in streamlining, improving circulation, mobility and flexibility of joints. It affects soothing and calming - relaxing massage, stimulating - sports massage reduces muscle tension and stiffness.

It is also important cleansing, removing dead skin, expanding pores, an aesthetic through massage there is a fragmentation of the fat cells.

Training in health promotion

In the era of striving for perfection, develop their own needs and interests, the continuous search for knowledge, the company DOMED is pleased to offer you training in health promotion. As a business owner and specialist in Public Health I am able to provide you with the knowledge needed, with due care and attention to detail. Since two years training run in Oncology Hospice in Wołominie. As a company, we also cooperate with specialists in various fields to ensure the reliability and high quality of our lectures. Continuously work on developing a thematic basis, and we hope that the trust they bestow us the result in long-term cooperation.

We invite you to cooperation

The company "DOMED" is a company dedicated to physiotherapy home. This form of physiotherapy, we offer to all patients, not only those who do not move on their own and are not able to reach the offices, but also to those who do not have time to participate in organized physical therapy in clinics or do not feel comfortable participating in physiotherapy in public offices. Rehabilitation home creates a more intimate terms of rehabilitation. We invite you to cooperation.